For the past few days since the merger between Virgin America and Alaska closed, there existed an excellent arbitrage opportunity to convert Starpoints into Alaska Mileage Plan miles at significantly better rates.

You see Starpoints transfer to Virgin America’s Elevate program at 1:1 and to Alaska Mileage Plan at 1:1. However, Alaska decided to give members of the Elevate program 1.3 Alaska miles for each Elevate point. This means, that by transferring Starpoints to Virgin America and then on to Alaska, you could earn 1.3 miles per Starpoint.

Unfortunately, as all good things, this is coming to an end Jan 6. If you have a use for Mileage plan in mind, we recommend you transfer Starpoints to Elevate and then to Alaska before this date.

Also remember that if you transfer 20,000 Starpoints to any airline partner, you can get 25,000 airline points/miles. This can further sweeten this deal.

20,000 Starpoints = 25,000 Elevate Points = 32,500 Mileage Plan miles

This gives you 1.625 Mileage Plan miles for every Starpoint transferred. Hurry!